ZAN-35 Series


Product Description

The ZAN-35 series of insulated hoist/tensioners with built-in dynamometer is Zantho Tools’ premiere product line, boasting an amazing 35 kV rating.

35kv_ratingZAN-35 series of insulated hoist/tensioners offer a revolutionary option for line tensioning applications with components and features not found on any other tool.

Constructed of a durable and lightweight non-conductive Engineered Structural Composites® (ESC®) composite housing, the ZAN-35 series feature the industry’s only 2-in-1 hoist and dynamometer plus a unique dual peak load indicator, offering users both an audible ping and a visual flag.

The technology in these three components alone offers utility linemen with a versatile tool that will easily tighten power lines to the correct tension without carrying more cumbersome and expensive equipment.


1web-strapNon-Conductive Wet or Dry Web Strap
2dynamometer1Built-in Dynamometer
3load-indicator1Audible & Visible Peak Load Indicator
4composite-housing1Durable & Non-conductive Composite Housing
5hookAlso Available with Safety Chain Hooks


The ZAN-35 series are equipped with RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology that only requires an annual calibration and maintenance.


Additional ZAN-35 series features include:

  • Mechanical analog springs that can withstand temperatures as low as -20° F and in excess of 158° F, and eliminate worries about electromagnetic force.
  • Optional High-strength non-conductive composite hooks made from the same ESC® material.
  • Ratchet spool with teeth on both sides of the dynamometer to prevent rotation while in use, delivering a more user friendly tool.
  • High-strength non-conductive web strap* is produced from a 3,000 fiber per square inch Kevlar® and polyester webbing.
  • The ZAN-35 for ADSS Fiber Optic Cable has a 700-lb. working capacity in a tool that weighs only 5 to 7 lbs.
  • Open construction allowing for easy visual inspection and cleaning.
  • Patented design proudly Made in the USA.

*Passes ASTM D149 standards and ASTM 1701.