About Zantho Tools

This all started as a labor of love — in Love County, Oklahoma.

Map of Love County, Oklahoma Zantho Tools® was established in 2011 by Founder and CEO Mark Bond. A Love County native, Mark is a mechanical engineer by trade and a Cowboy at heart (an Oklahoma State University Cowboy, that is), who loves the outdoors and his family’s 320-acre farm in Loves Valley.

Mark simply was trying to be a good neighbor to Ed Damron, who wanted the fence surrounding his 200-acre property to have five barbed wires uniform in tension. But Ed found that no such tool existed to do the job. So Mark created one: Zantho’s first product, the ZAN-35 series of insulated hoist/tensioners. Throughout that five-year process, he developed a game changer for the linemen trade, too.

Lineman working on a power poleUtilizing the most efficient design, materials and processes, Zantho Tools is dedicated to the safety of our customers and to providing innovative solutions that offer improved performance and exceptional overall value.

Our new series of non-conductive composite hoists with built-in dynamometers re-define what an insulated tool is. These ZAN-35 tools are the only power and fiber optic line tensioning hoists that are 35 kV approved offering “Safer Tensioning Solutions” to linemen everywhere.

With a keen focus on worker safety combined with extensive manufacturing experience, Zantho Tools is positioned to offer advanced products for diverse applications worldwide.

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ZAN-35 Series

Made In The USA

Made In The USA